Netflix's Squid Game: What Is It and Why Is Everyone Obsessed

If you have heard of something known as Squid Game, just know you aren't the only one. The Netflix series has been a massive hit with fans around the world, and all eyes are on the Korean Drama as such. With Netflix now saying Squid Game is poised to become its most-watched original to date, tons of netizens are moving to check on the show. So if you need some info on the thrilling survival series, we've got you covered.

Squid Game is a survival drama series produced in South Korea by writer-director Hwang Dong-hyuk. The show stars some of the industry's best actors from Lee Jung-jae, Park Have-soon, Wi Ha-joon, and more. There are also several non-Korean stars in Squid Game given its global scale, so actors like Anupam Tripathi star in this ambitious show.

As for its story, Squid Game tells the story of 456 people who are invited to play a game that will make or break them. The survival challenge offers a winner nearly $40 million USD, but they must endure a series of brutal childhood games. These tasks are all based on traditional childhood games in South Korea, and anyone who fails in a challenge is killed on the spot.

Our main character is Seong Gi-hun, the final contestant recruited for the survival event. The gambling addict joins to settle his debts, and Squid Game fans watch as the star endures trial after trial while trying to suss out the organization behind the Squid Game. The stages are also intermingled with a tense detective narrative and missing person's cast, so there is a lot of drama packed into this hit series. And yes, there are tons of plot twists along the way.

These plot twists have made Squid Game such a phenomenon, and Netflix even admits it didn't anticipate how popular the show would become. A good mystery mixed with plot twists is hard to ignore, and it becomes sensationalized when murder is thrown in. All of this combines with the increasing popularity of Korean dramas, so it is no surprise to see how well Squid Game is doing. So if you have not checked out the show yet, well - you can find it exclusively on Netflix.

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