WWE's Zelina Vega Shares Naruto Cosplay As Copy Cat Ninja Kakashi

Plenty of WWE superstars haven't been afraid to wear their love of nerd culture on their sleeves, [...]

Plenty of WWE superstars haven't been afraid to wear their love of nerd culture on their sleeves, with the tag team The New Day entering the ring wearing Saiyan armor from Dragon Ball Z, the wrestler Mace originally choosing his commentator name of Dio Maddin in order to honor the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure villain, and now, Zelina Vega is once again showing her love of Konoha with Cosplay inspired by Kakashi. Recently taking part in World Wrestling Entertainment's Money In The Bank, Vega wasn't able to win the briefcase, but it's clear that hasn't slowed her down in the slightest.

Kakashi Hatake has become a fan-favorite character in the history of the Shonen franchise created by Masashi Kishimoto, and with good reason, as his cool demeanor and insane power-set have put him a step above a number of other ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village. Having the ability to copy any jutsu thanks in part to the Sharingan that he inherited from his friend Obito, the former teacher of Naruto might not be on the front lines as much when it comes to the events taking place in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, but his legacy has continued to leave its mark on the ninja world.

Thea Trinidad, aka Zelina Vega, shared her new Naruto Cosplay, Sharingan and all, putting her own unique spin on Kakashi the Copy Cat Ninja, who would eventually become the Sixth Hokage while still protecting Konoha with his insane array of abilities:

The last major role that Kakashi played in the sequel anime series was during the saga of the Healing Hot Springs, which saw him traveling with his best friend Might Guy in an effort to discover something that could cure the mentor of Rock Lee from the injuries that he suffered at the hands of Madara Uchiha during the finale of Naruto Shippuden. While they were ultimately unsuccessful in healing Guy, the friendship between the two veterans only grew stronger as a result.

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