Yashahime Episode 3 Shares Synopsis and Stills

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon has already become a top contender for the fall season. The sequel made its debut earlier this month after much hype, and fans of Inuyasha are anxiously awaiting each new episode. The series will bring out episode three in a matter of days. And thanks to a new update, fans know what they can expect from the episode.

It wasn't long ago that the first synopsis for episode three went live. It seems this upcoming episode will follow Towa after an upsetting run-in with her sister unlocks her demonic powers which have been hidden for quite some time.

Yashahime Daughters Inuyasha
(Photo: Sunrise)

"Kikujumonji breaks at under Mistress 3 eyes who has taken in 2 of the Rainbow Pearls. However, Setsuna’s crisis invokes Towa’s demonic powers, creating a blade with her youkai and fights. Even though Mistress 3 eyes is exterminated with Setsuna’s help, Towa becomes possessed by Hitokon," the synopsis reads as translated by OfficialInuYasha.

"Seeing Towa in such a state, Setsuna does not acknowledge her as her older sister. Towa and Setsuna fight each other. Hitokon, transfers from Towa to her younger sister, Mei. Meanwhile, Moroha figures out that the reason why Setsuna does not have any memories of her youth is because her dreams were devoured by the Butterfly of Dreams."


As you can see here, the stills released for the upcoming Yashahime episode show Towa unlocking her weapon as she tries to save her sister. However, Setsuna is none too happy about the rescue. Her memories of Towa were taken by a demon a while ago. So if the sisters are ever going to reunite properly, they will need to deal with a dream-stealing butterfly ASAP.

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