Yashahime Draws Ire with Its Latest Filler Episode

If you did not realize, Inuyasha is back in action these days, and that is all thanks to a special [...]

If you did not realize, Inuyasha is back in action these days, and that is all thanks to a special sequel. Fans were stunned when they learned the team behind Inuyasha were coming together to work on a new series, and Yashahime was the result. So far, the show has been a fun nostalgia bomb for fans, but it turns out the fandom is rebelling against the show's latest "lazy" episode.

If you did not know, the most recent episode of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon went live this weekend. The update promised to introduce a new form for Setsuna, so hopes were high for the filler story. However, those dreams were dashed before long, and fans are railing online against the episode which many are calling completely pointless.

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A simple search on Reddit will show you everything you need to know about episode 19. Users were quick to share how letdown they were by this episode. One fan by the username Diamondinmyeye did not hold back with their review of the filler.

"Genuinely awful. It didn't establish characters, didn't give Setsuna any depth (despite some hoping it would be her backstory episode), and only reinforced the characters and relationships we already knew. Aww, look, the girls like each other. Pointless! If this had been episode 7, I might have enjoyed it, but we're way too far into this to be f-cking around," the fan wrote.

Another user by the name Juan776 had this to say: "First episode I shut off halfway through. You have to wonder why it was even made. Worst of all it manages to have a huge and blatant plothole."

However, to be honest, the most damning critique comes from YardSardonyx. The user invoked one of the most infamous Naruto fillers ever to rate this Yashahime episode, so you know things must be bad.

"Naruto had a filler episode where he fights a talking ostrich and even that was better than this. Man, this one was just... Pointless? Why does an anime without a manga need filler episodes where nothing furthering the plot or any character development or relationships happens? Having lighter episodes where they're not fighting a villain is great, but they also need to add to the plot."

Clearly, things have stalled for Yashahime, but there is hope the anime will rebound before long. Filler episodes are rarely celebrated in the anime universe, and it seems Inuyasha's approach to such asides is no exception.

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