Yu-Gi-Oh: Custom LEGO Build Pits Dark Magician Against a Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Yu-Gi-Oh may not be in the headlines as much as it was during its heyday, but the franchise is [...]

Yu-Gi-Oh may not be in the headlines as much as it was during its heyday, but the franchise is still thriving thanks to fans. The community has come together time and again as of late to honor the shonen series. From fan-art to trailers, it seems the fandom has done it all, and now one user has gone a step further by bringing Yu-Gi-Oh to life with LEGO.

The piece comes from LEGO Ideas as the user Zero Helix felt it was time to combine two of their passions. The fan mashed together two of their favorite Yu-Gi-Oh cards with LEGO, and the custom build is something fans admit they want ASAP.

"Both LEGO and Yu-Gi-Oh have given me great comfort during some hard times in my life, so I thought why not combine the two? I've made several models of my own, though nothing this fine. (Having the freedom to work with new colours in stud.io is great!) This is probably not a unique experience either. Two such wonderful hobbies, both focused around collecting, should have plenty of overlap in their target audience, which I believe would make the IP well worth pursuing. Let's see if other people agree," the fan shared on LEGO Ideas.

As you can see above, the piece is simple enough. The two-character set focuses on the Dark Magician and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon as they prepare to fight. The former is shown on one end of a duelist field with his usual purple suit on. When it comes to the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, the Yu-Gi-Oh monster is made up of dozens of bricks. It seems the monster is held in place by two cleverly placed beams, so the battlefield looks totally natural.

Unfortunately, this custom build is a bit out from being made official, but you can vote for the LEGO Idea here if you want. As for Yu-Gi-Oh overall, well - we have to say the franchise would only benefit from a license like this. Fans would give a lot to build their own Exodia, and LEGO could make it happen with just a bit of magic!

What do you think of this custom LEGO build? Which other Yu-Gi-Oh cards need a brick makeover next? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.