Yu-Gi-Oh Announces Dark Magician Girl Nendoroid

Yu-Gi-Oh! has plenty of Duel Monsters that have filled the popular card game throughout its long history, and the company Good Smile is striking while the iron is hot with a new Nendoroid figure that depicts one of the Yugi Moto's favorite monsters in Dark Magician Girl. The lighter side to the powerful Dark Magician, countless duel battles involving Yugi had the wielder of the Millennium Puzzle unleashing the sorceress on his opponents and often sending a number of his opponents to the "Shadow Realm" as a result of his victory throughout the anime franchise.

Though Yugi's days as the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! have been done for a number of years, the franchise continues to march forward in the world of anime with its new series of Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens, following a new duelist who is looking to make a name for himself. Though Dark Magician Girl isn't used nearly as much as she was in the first anime series, it's clear that her role in both the story of the anime and in card tournaments that are played in the real world around the globe is only continuing to grow. Yu-Gi-Oh! is a series that is fit to bursting with insane monsters, so we definitely wouldn't be surprised if we see more Nendoroids from the franchise down the line.

Good Smile's Official Twitter Account shared the first look at the upcoming Dark Magician Girl figure which is currently available for Pre-Order and is set to be released to fans of the long-running dueling anime in 2022:

There hasn't been news about Yugi Moto eventually returning to the anime franchise, but he has appeared a handful of times following his initial role as protagonist in the first season of the anime. With the coronavirus pandemic making it nearly impossible to have face-to-face duels, we expect more card tournaments in the future as vaccines roll out around the world.

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