The Panel Discussions Podcast: 2011 - A Year In Review

Panel Discussions, my podcast formerly hosted by Comic Related, is back in action for 2012, and we're easing our way into it by having a look back at 2011. Using never-before-heard audio, much of which never even got used for prose stories, I present more than a half dozen interviews which run the gamut of comics entertainment, from Big Two superheroics to independent publishers--and flanked by music and movies.

Listen here to this week's episode!

Included in the retrospective are interviews with:

  • The Kirby Krackle (above, pictured performing at the New York Comic Con), geek rock band (esquire), who talked to me about their 2011 album, "Super-Powered Love," which was one of the three albums examined in last year's Panel Discussions music episode, along with the records release on that same day by They Might Be Giants and Green Lantern co-star Tim Robbins.
  • Chris Roberson, writer of Memorial and iZombie, who talks about everything from movies to his Legion of Super-Heroes/Star Trek crossover. His Superman run was really underrated, which reminds me...
  • Dan Jurgens, currently of Justice League International and Green Arrow, soon to be the co-writer and penciller on Superman for DC's New 52 initiative.
  • Tom Peyer, writer of Atlas Unified, which will bring together all of Atlas Original's characters, many of whom haven't been seen in print in decades.
  • Erik Larsen, writer/artist of Savage Dragon and Supreme, the latter of which was announced just hours before the interview recorded here.
  • Terry Moore, creator of Strangers in Paradise, Echo and Rachel Rising, to discuss Rachel Rising and the status of the creator-owned comics market.
  • Cully Hamner, artist on DC's The Shade and co-creator of RED with Warren Ellis, who talked about the New 52 and his role in it, as well as the sequels--both in comics and on screen--to RED.
  • Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman for over 20 years, who will voice the Dark Knight in the upcoming Justice League: Doom direct-to-video feature film.
Opening music by The Dropkick Murphys with Bruce Springsteen.
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