Superman's Terence Stamp Demands Metro Rider Kneel Before Zod

During a recent interview with Total Film in promotion of his upcoming film Song for Marion, famed British actor Terence Stamp told the interviewer that Superman: The Movie and Superman II were among his favorite of his own work, ranking them among company like legendary Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini and Peter Ustinov's adaptation of Billy Budd.

He also, when asked whether people still recognize him as Zod, told the interviewer that not only does it still happen--but it's apparently something he has a little fun with from time to time.

[Note: For context, the DLR is short for The Docklands Light Railway, which serves the Docklands area of London.]

"I was on the DLR the other day," Stamp told Total Film. "I suddenly see this guy at the end of the carriage looking at me like I've done something terrible! Finally, the train gets to Canning Town where I have to change, so I walk towards him, and he says, 'Are you that guy who frightened me when I was little?' And I said, 'Kneel before Zod, you bastard!' And he burst into laughter!"

In the same article, he revealed that he is seeking financing to produce a sequel to Steven Soderbergh's The Limey, which Stamp himself has written and would direct.