Rachel Rising TV Series Came Out of Conversation about Echo

Yesterday, Alcon Television announced that they had optioned Terry Moore's critically-acclaimed horror comic Rachel Rising for a TV adaptation.

As it turns out, series producer Ben Roberts, a former advisor on AMC's The Walking Dead, was put onto the project when he reached out to Moore to option his previous series, Echo, which at the time had already been optioned (that option has since expired).

Rather than give him his regrets, or even try to sell him on an original concept, Moore told Roberts that what he really wanted was the next book--one he wasn't yet publishing.

"I'm very excited about working with Alcon to bring Rachel Rising to television," Moore told ComicBook.com when asked for a comment on the deal. "I met Ben Roberts when I was making Echo, but that was already optioned, so I told him he really wanted the next series—Rachel Rising—and turns out, he did!  My story is in very good hands now and I can't wait to see it come together."

Interestingly, we reported back in January on an in-story connection between Echo and Rachel Rising. A mysterious box that appeared during the first story arc in Echo, belonging to the series' heroine, reappeared (or one very much like it did) during a flashback sequence in Rachel Rising#14, buried in a shallow grave a great many years ago by one of Rachel's ancestors.

Moore has a regular “commentary track”-style column at ComicBook.com where he discusses each issue of Rachel Rising with us shortly after its release, examining the issue’s craft, and the way that the month’s story plays into the overall fabric of the long-term story Moore is trying to tell. You can check out an archive of our Rachel Rising coverage here.