Star Trek Into Darkness’ Alice Eve Believes Birds Come From Aliens

Star Trek Into Darkness Alice Eve Jimmy KimmelIn an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday night, Star Trek Into Darkness actress Alice Eve expressed a rather unusual alien theory. When Jimmy Kimmel asked about the Star Trek Into Darkness cast and crew talking to actual astronauts, Alice Eve said “The response that the guys at the NASA base gave us when JJ asked this question, ‘So have you seen alien life?’, was so rehearsed and so clear that they had seen…I’m going to get like taken and abducted for doing this.”

When asked is she herself believed there were aliens, Alice Eve said, “Yeah, you know, I do.” Jimmy Kimmel agreed and pointed out that with the universe being so large what would the odds be that there weren’t beings out there. Then, Alice Eve interrupted, “Or birds, if you look at birds.”

A little confused, Jimmy Kimmel asked, “Or birds, what do you mean or birds?” Alice Eve explained, “Birds are so weird, and birds fly.”Alice Eve continued, “Can we swear? That’s like alien *bleep*. Birds flying is alien *bleep*.” Jimmy Kimmel clarified, “You believe that birds are coming out of aliens.” Alice Eve answered, “I believe that birds are from the times of aliens, yes.”