Jim Starlin Returns to Mongul For DC Comics's Villains Month

GL_23-2-MongulJim Starlin returns to Mongul, as the Green Lantern Villains Month titles have been announced announced by MTV Geek.

The revered writer/artist, who co-created the character with Len Wein, had originally pitched a Mongul story for the New 52 long before he ever joined StormWatch earlier this year. At the time, plans were reportedly in place to use the character in another title, Starlin told an audience at Albany Comic Con last year--so he held onto the proposal, hoping he might be able to use it one day.

There's no way to know whether Green Lantern #23.2 will be that same story, but in any event it reunites Starlin with his creation for a story drawn by Howard Porter and featuring a 3-D motion cover by Billy Tan.

And while Mongul may (at least apparently) no longer be a member of the Sinestro Corps, the man who once helped destroy Coast City will still be a pretty substntial thorn in Green Lantern's side with the help of a new Warworld.

Meanwhile, of course, Green Lantern's other villains will also be taking advntage of Villains Month. Green Lantern #23.1 will feature Relic, by regular series writer Robert Venditti and guest artist Rags Morales. Charles Soule and Alberto Ponticelli will bring fans Green Lantern #23.3, Black Hand, while Matt Kindt and Dale Eaglesham will focus on Sinestro in #23.4.