Rob Liefeld And Gina Carano Working On Avengelyne Movie

Avengelyne MovieIn the past, Gina Carano has been linked to the role of Wonder Woman in a Justice League movie, but it looks like it's another comic book heroine that she will actually be playing next. Yesterday, comic artist Rob Liefeld tweeted that Gina Carano would be joining him for a signing at the Image booth at San Diego Comic-Con, but he kept it a secret as to why Gina Carano would be there.

Now, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we have an answer as to what Gina Carano is doing with Rob Liefeld. The former MMA fighter is teaming up with Rob Liefeld for an Avengelyne movie. Carano and Liefeld will be signing posters that feature Carano as Avengelyne at Comic-Con on Saturday.

The Avengelyne comic book series was first published in 1995 by Maximum Press. The series told the story of a fallen angel, whose mission was to protect a person who holds the key to saving mankind from demons and monsters. The Avengelyne movie is reportedly being conceived as something similar to the Underworld movie franchise.