DC All Access Talks Arrow Season 3 And Suicide Squad

In the newest installment of DC All Access, the hosts have the opportunity to talk about Season 3 of Arrow with the cast of the show.

Star Stephen Amell says we can expect to see Oliver taking to his role as Green Arrow much more readily than in previous seasons.

“Season 1, we found Oliver coming back from the island,” says Amell. “Season 2, we found him on the island and a little bit reluctant to put on the hood. Not Season 3! Season 3 we’re coming out fast and aggressive.”

“You got to keep the stake up in television,” teased Paul Blackthorne, who plays Quentin Lance. “If there’s death-defying stuff going on, and no one dies, its starts not being so death-defying doesn’t it?”

All Acccess also spoke with Sean Ryan about the upcoming relaunch of Suicide Squad.

“With the new relaunch of the book, the basic idea being, after Forever Evil, Amanda Waller’s gotten into some trouble,” says Ryan. “She has a new boss who comes in and is overseeing her, which is something she hates. And then on top of that, the government wants to more big international stuff, so like stuff that the government would like to see happen overseas, but can’t be seen doing. And it will look like villains doing what they usually do, but hopefully it will get what our nation wants to happen to happen.”

Ryan also says that we can expect to see Task Force X coming out of the shadows for some much bigger set pieces in the new series.

Arrow Season 3 airs this fall on the CW. Suicide Squad #1 goes on sale July 9.