SDCC Exclusive: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Co-Director Robert Rodriguez Says Performances This Time Are Even Better

Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez who, with comics legend Frank Miller, is directing next month's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, thinks that the performances in that film are even stronger than they were in 2005's Sin City, crediting changes in the technology for not only making the movie look better but for bringing out the best in the actors as well.

"I knew the technology would be better and the 3D but I was actually surprised how good the 3D cameras were, the new Jim Cameron cameras right off the factory line. They didn't give us any trouble; they were like Ferraris," Rodriguez told on the red carpet for last night's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Comic Con party.

"The [thing] that I noticed that I didn't suspect is that mainly you have to remember that when I did Sin City, nobody was really doing green screen movies," Rodriguez added. "So the actors were like 'Really?! What is this again? A sea of green?' How does this work? And they were all fantastic but even better this time. The actors all came back and they had done even more green screen work, they saw how it translated to the film so they knew what they were doing and their performances across the board were just -- I mean, dramatically different. Everybody who came in -- first it was Jessica and I was like 'Holy s--t.' And Mickey came and Mickey gave a better performance. Imagine that! Then Rosario shows up and Bruce and they all figured it out since then. And they were great the first time so imagine now. It's really cool."