Trout: The Hollowest Knock Preview Reveals Danger Lurks Around Every Corner

Giuseppe and Trout's adventure continues in the sequel to Troy Nixey and Dave Stewart's original 2001 series, though as we learned in that story, the duo is no longer welcome in Upton. Picking up soon after the original story, Dark Horse Comics' Trout: The Hollowest Knock sees Giuseppe taking Trout back to where Giuseppe grew up, though as you can see in our exclusive preview, that journey is not going to be remotely smooth or easy, and dangers pretty much lurk everywhere, and not even a good night's sleep is on the menu.

As you can see below, Giuseppe's dreams are full of fire, death, and guilt, as Trout's protector can't think of anything aside from keeping Trout safe. Things look grim for the duo as Giuseppe is burned surrounded by those who judge him, but we then learn it's only in his head.

That's because a creature is poisoning Giuseppe's mind as he sleeps, filling his dreams with his greatest fears. Even the creature acknowledges Trout's mysterious abilities, as he shivers at Trout's icy cold stare. That might not be enough to bring Giuseppe out of his nightmare, and this could be how the two are eventually separated, and you can check out our exclusive preview of the anticipated issue below.

(Photo: Dark Horse)

Trout: The Hollowest Knock #1 is written and drawn by Troy Nixey with colors by Dave Stewart, and you can check out the official description below.

(Photo: Dark Horse)

"A strange trip into the Supernatural!

Blaming him for the loss of the children of lower Upton, the townsfolk burn down Giuseppe's turnip factory and run him and Trout out of town. Sick and distraught, the two have no other recourse but to travel across the ocean to Giuseppe's childhood village. Trout is lost along the way, and Giuseppe is forced to deal with his brother's meddling in order to find the mysterious little boy he's sworn to protect. Can Giuseppe find him before Trout meets his fate at the hands of the god of the sea?! And who is the shadowy figure trapped in a giant shark egg who is struggling to keep Trout alive?! One thing's for certain: for better or worse, Trout will never be the same again."

You can also find the description for Trout: Volume 1: Bits & Bobs below.


"Living above a turnip factory, Trout is not like other kids. From adventures in strange and odd places as well as dealing with monsters, Trout has seen more than most human beings, let alone most children. However, when a mysterious and evil puppet show passes by, Trout finds himself as the only one able to save the town from the puppeteer's nefarious grasp!"

Trout: The Hollowest Knock #1 is in comic stores June 19th, and Trout Volume 1: Bits & Bobs is in stores now.