The 2017 Golden Issue Award for Best Colorist

What better way to ring in the new year than to look back at all of the things that made 2017 great? That's why the team at is compiling lists of everything excellent from comics, television, movies, and anime, recognizing the best of the best in each category.

When it comes to comics, writers and line artists might get all of the glory, but a lot of the credit should go to the colorists. It's where a comic's tone and mood are executed, building on the visuals and revealing emotions that would not have been exposed were the art just black and white.

Every year, the color art being done in comics improves leaps and bounds. And while there are a few names that comic "insiders" love to tout with any opportunity that arises, this year saw a number of artists that flew under the radar explode to the forefront, working on some of the most vibrant titles being released today. While it was hard to pin one person down, we found someone worthy to be called's Best Colorist of 2017.

And the winner of Best Colorist is…


Tamra Bonvillain!

To call Bonvillain "amazing" would be a massive understatement. Her expansive pallets consider a wide range, yet each hue is carefully chosen to convey the perfect mood for the scene, whether they're action-packed fantasy/superhero battles or intense character-driven moments. She carefully determines the setting and provides the right value between every line, helping draw the eye to what matters while subduing the parts that don't.

That's not to say anything is shortchanged in her work, considering she pays respect to even the most minute details as much as she does the focal points. Of course her work is benefited by collaborating with amazing line artists like Natacha Bustos, Nick Derrington, Johnnie Christmas, and more, but she is a marquee name who builds on their foundations to create stronger stories.

Every color artist on our list of nominees could have won this award. Jordie Bellaire and Dave Stewart's credits are littered on nearly every prestige title, and Matt Wilson and Elizabeth Breitweiser have somehow managed to get even better with each comic. However, Tamra Bonvillain has catapulted into the comic book stratosphere with her work this year, and she deserves all of the recognition for it.

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List of Nominees:

  • Tamra Bonvillain [WINNER]
  • Jordie Bellaire
  • Elizabeth Breitweiser
  • Matt Wilson
  • Dave Stewart