Alex Ross Returns to Spawn for Epic Issue #301 Cover

After 200 issues and nearly two decades removed from his original foray into Todd McFarlane's hellscape, the legendary comic book artist Alex Ross is returning to Spawn with a brand new cover for another milestone issue. As revealed by McFarlane himself, Ross has crafted another piece of epic artwork that will lead a murderer's row of talent for the release of Spawn #301. Another industry legend will join Ross to commemorate the long-running Image Comics series, with Bill Sinkiewicz also returning to Spawn for the first time since he penned a cover for issue #100.

Ross and Sinkiewicz' covers will also be joined by another by McFarlane himself, as well as series legend Greg Capullo, Jason Shawn Alexander, Clayton Crain Jerome Opena, Francesco Mattina, and J. Scott Campbell. Now can reveal many of these covers EXCLUSIVELY for the first time.

SP301_Ross_lo-res A
(Photo: Alex Ross)

You can check out most of the other covers below!

(Photo: Jason Shawn Alexander)
(Photo: Francesco Mattina)
(Photo: Jerome Opena)
(Photo: Todd McFarlane)

McFarlane is not content to let the party stop after issue #300 and is looking to keep the momentum rolling. In addition to the milestone issue coming up, the character will also appear as a downloadable fighter in an upcoming DLC pack for Mortal Kombat 11.

The creator has also teased expanding the franchise to a spinoff series, building off of the upcoming 300th issue.

"I'm gonna be expanding the Spawn-verse, for lack of a better word, anyways, right? You know, 'cause again togging on 300, can you get to 600? Of course I can, and I've already sort of started mapping it out," McFarlane said. "But it means I need to pull the lens back, which means the world gets bigger, which means I need to populate it with more relevant characters, but it would be super fun to be able to tie those with some of the stuff that some of the other creative people and my partners have done in the past, or could create."


There's no word yet on what McFarlane has planned for the future of the franchise, but he's also adamant on pursuing his plans for the Spawn movie. While those have yet to come together, he is continuing to push the flagship Image Comics series in new and unexpected directions.

Spawn #301, which will be the longest-running monthly independent comic book in the direct market, is set to release later this year.