DC's Aquaman and Mera Are Finally Married

Aquaman #65 brings Kelly Sue DeConnick's run on the character to a close, and we couldn't depart from this run on the character without finally paying off one of the most teased events along the way. It's been quite the journey for Arthur and Mera throughout this run, as the once happy couple discovered they were having a baby, and soon after things went completely sideways. When I say sideways, I mean it, as after that reveal not only did Arthur completely panic but it resulted in Mera accidentally killing him, and...well, it's been an interesting road back. With the events in #65 though, all that is in the past, and we finally get to see our two favorite heroes finally get married with all their friends in attendance.

After the battle in Atlantis and with some time passing, we see Arthur and Mera living a happy life of being parents to Andy, but at one point we see Arthur and Mera rush off to save a ship in danger. Caille takes Andy as they head off to help the ship, but when they get there Mera is surprised to see some of their friends in Bridesmaids' dresses.

Arthur then gets some help from the creature attacking the ship, who turns out to be Tristram Maurer. All of their friends are here, including the Justice League, Old Gods, and their friends in Amnesty Bay. Arthur tells Mera "right now, it's a welcome back surprise party. But I was thinking, with everybody here, it could be a wedding if you'll still have me."

(Photo: DC)

Tristram then offers his services, navigational or matrimonial, and when Mera and Arthur embrace, he says "so, looks like it'll be matrimonial then?"

Mera says "Aye Captain. What am I gonna do with you?" Arthur responds "looks like you're gonna marry me. After that? I guess we'll figure the rest out together."

(Photo: DC)

With that, Arthur and Mera are finally married, ending this run on a lovely and hopeful note.

Aquaman #65 is written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and drawn by Miguel Mendonca with colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr., and you can find the official description below.


"Villains, heroes, machinations, and long-held grudges from Kelly Sue DeConnick's definitive Aquaman run all converge in this issue! Arthur is defeated, Mera's held captive, and Orm's grand plan is near completion! Together, Mera and Arthur are one of DC's most powerful couples, and when they send out the call, you better believe that everyone answers. Guest-starring the Justice League in a finale that will amaze you!"

Aquaman #65 is in comic stores now.