Keanu Reeves, Matt Kindt, and Ron Garney Tease BRZRKR's Epic Finale Arc (Exclusive)

BOOM! Studios' hit series BRZRKR is headed into the home stretch, as the final chapter in B.'s epic story begins in BRZRKR #9. All the answers you've been waiting for will be revealed (and a few you didn't expect as well), and the team of Keanu Reeves, Matt Kindt (Folklords, Grass Kings), Ron Garney (Wolverine, Captain America), Bill Crabtree (BPRD), and Clem Robins (Hellboy) are making sure the series delivers a finale to remember. They've also shared some insight and teases of the massive final chapter exclusively with, and if that wasn't enough, we're also sharing an exclusive look at a gorgeous black and white Humberto Ramos variant cover that will launch its BRZRKR #9 when it hits stores this June, and you can find both below.

BRZRKR #9 will feature main cover art by Garney and variant covers by acclaimed artists Mike Del Mundo (X-Men, House of Slaughter) and Ramos, and you can find Garney's main cover, Del Mundo's cover, and Ramos' slick new covers in both black and white and fully colored versions below.

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

Reeves has loved being a part of the series and teases some special things for the finale. Reeves said, "It has been a wonderful experience being a part of creating BRZRKR, and I hope people enjoy what we are cooking up for the final arc of the series!"

Kindt has also truly enjoyed working on this one-of-a-kind project and says it has turned out even better and crazier than anything they initially dreamed of. "The two-plus years collaborating with Keanu on this story is a lightning-in-a-bottle project that only comes around once," Kindt said. "And like the best collaborations it's become something greater than its parts – better and crazier than anything we dreamed of when we first started – both epic and deeply personal. It's been life-changing and humbling. Every book is a learning process and what I've learned is how generous this team of creators has been – matched only by the support of readers – who helped breathe new life into the art form I've loved my entire career."

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

For Garney, the scope of the series and what it's become is most impressive, and like Kindt, he didn't initially expect the scope to be as epic as it's turned out to be. He also teases some major surprises for the final arc, calling it "deep, epic, and exciting."

"Wow so here we are on the final stretch of this amazing series and character and the first word that comes to mind is SCOPE. When I started speaking with Keanu and Matt (and the rest of the BRZRKR crew, Bill Clem, Eric, who have done an amazing job thus far), I expected it to be a great ride, however I hadn't expected the full scope of what was planned. the battle sequences and action and romance, all now culminating in this final arc as we journey with B toward understanding his cosmic origins. Its deep, EPIC and exciting," Garney said. "Buckle up as B. has more than a few surprises up his sleeve in the finale."

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

Here is the official description for BRZRKR #9. "The highly acclaimed creative team unleashes the climatic new story arc that finally reveals the long-hidden secrets of B.'s past... and uncovers shocking revelations that will change his future forever! From the ancient mysteries of his origins to the present-day machinations of Caldwell's master plan... B.'s entire journey has been leading to this moment."

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

BRZRKR #9 will hit comic stores in June of 2022, and you can now pick up BRZRKR Vol. 1 in comic stores and on digital platforms.

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