Darkwing Duck Comics Coming From IDW

As part of the same deal with Disney that resulted in a new series of Gargoyles comics, Dynamite today announced the return of Darkwing Duck to comics coming shortly, with new series, graphic novels, and reprints. The series is coming back to the comics page, with a new title launching for the first time since 2015. The series wills tar the heroic Drake Mallard coming at the beginning of 2023. In addition to all-new original tales, his classic adventures will be reprinted as well in facsimile editions and graphic novels. The hard-to-find 1991 limited series released by Disney Comics with contributions by John Blair Moore and others will soon be accessible again to fans and collectors of classic Disney comics.

There are few details available yet about the new series. More information on release timing, creators involved, and more Disney properties from Dynamite will be announced soon.

Darkwing Duck is part of Disney's beloved wider Donald Duck library and first debuted as a hit animated television show in 1991. Across 91 episodes, fans young and old were delighted by the adventures of Drake Mallard and his titular superhero identity. Along with fan-favorite comic books, a series of video games and merchandise accompanied the show.

The character was largely absent from pop culture for years, although in addition to the Boom! Studios comics a few years back, he also appeared on the rebooted DuckTales a few times. In late 2020, news surfaced Disney is currently developing a new Darkwing Duck reboot for Disney+. The reboot of the classic '90s hit was met with a divisive crowd on social media, with people split for a variety of reasons. In the initial announcement, it was revealed Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are two of the executive producers on the series, two Hollywood mainstays behind hard-R projects like This Is The End, Superbad, The Boys, and Pineapple Express amongst others.

The more adult tones the producers have been known for is one of the main contention points for the series, while another has been the exclusion of writer Frank Angones. Angones is most known for being an executive producer on the 2017 DuckTales reboot, and much of the fandom wants him to take a shot at the Disney+ reboot of Darkwing, especially after the character was already reintroduced in that specific take on the franchise.