Darkwing Duck Reboot in Development at Disney+

Everybody's favorite cartoon duck is gliding back into action! After rebooting DuckTales with incredible success in recent years, Disney has brought Darkwing Duck back into the fold for a handful of episodes of the series, and fans have loved seeing the beloved character on TV once again. Now, it appears that there has been enough love for Darkwing that Disney is looking to give him is very own series for the second time. That's right, a Darkwing Duck TV reboot is on the way.

According to Variety, there is a Darkwing Duck reboot currently in development at Disney+. There isn't any writer currently attached to the project, but the report claims that Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, and Alex AcAtee are on board to executive produce.

The original Darkwing Duck series began in 1991 and aired three seasons over the course of two years. Jim Cummings provided the voice of the titular crime-fighter, and the actor reprised the role in the recent DuckTales reboot. Just last month, Darkwing Duck appeared in an hour-long edition of the series.

There are no official details about the Darkwing Duck reboot just yet, but it would be hard to imagine the show taking place without Gosalyn and Launchpad. DuckTales producer Frank Angones recently explained that those two characters, and the idea of family, are important for any iteration of Darkwing.

“Darkwing Duck is the story of a father, a daughter, and a Launchpad and how they operate as a family. It’s really important to recognize that without Gosalyn and Launchpad, Darkwing Duck would spin off into his own egomaniacal attention-hungry nonsense,” Angones said. “It's the heart of this. A girl becoming a hero and a hero becoming a dad and also this foster narrative of trying to find your family and finding it in an unexpected place that I felt was really important.”

In the original series, Christine Cavanaugh provided the voice for Gosalyn, with Terry McGovern voicing Launchpad. While Cummins returned for the DuckTales reboot, Brooklyn Nine-Nine standout Stephanie Beatriz was cast as the new Gosalyn and Saturday Night Live's Beck Bennet was tapped to voice Launchpad.


Are you looking forward to seeing what's in story for Darkwing Duck in this new reboot? Let us know in the comments! If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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