DC Is Giving Batman's Brother a New Superhero Costume

The current story arc in the Harley Quinn ongoing has seen Luke Fox in volved in a big way. The Bat-Family member has been putting together his own take on the Suicide Squad, Task Force XX, to which he recruited Harley and a handful of others and sent them on a mission to the moon where he has kept some sort of creature of his own design that, unfortunately, has become a major problem. In this week's Harley Quinn #21, that creature has made its way back to Earth, prompting the former Batwing to take action — and don a brand-new superhero suit.

Warning: spoilers for Harley Quinn #21 below.

In the issue, the sentient Element X, having attached itself to Solomon Grundy and others, arrives on Earth and corners Luke. Luke manages to get away to a hideout in the nearby woods and when he emerges, he's in a completely new costume, one that is fox-inspired and doesn't have any Bat-related iconography. Luke explains to Harley that after he gave up on Batwing, he thought for a moment he could still wear a costume, just one without a bat, but now he's sort of figuring out his next move — a move that seems to include this new Task Force XX.

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

This is an interesting development for Luke, who first appeared in 2013's Batwing #19 where he took up the mantle of Batwing after David Zavimbe retired from the position. The son of Lucious Fox, he recently set his heroics aside but he's also not the only Fox brother to be suited up and fighting crime. Jace Fox is also fighting crime in New York City as Batman. As for what the future holds for Luke and this new supersuited identity of his, that remains to be seen but the final panel of the issue shows him in full suit, alongside the rest of Task Force XX, heading into battle to save the world from Element X — a story that is set to be concluded in The Harley Quinn Annual out next week on Tuesday, August 30th.

Harley Quinn #21 is on sale now.

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