DC Teases Fan-Favorite DCU Character Coming Back From the Dead

After becoming a hit character on DC's Peacemaker TV show, Emilia Harcourt is being revived in the comics!

It's hard to deny that superhero adaptations have become a prominent part of our pop culture, with an ever-growing number of heroes and villains are getting the spotlight in live-action and animated adaptations. As a new solicitation reveal, a recent breakout character from DC's television output is getting brought back to life. On Monday, DC released the first details surrounding October's Batman: The Brave and the Bold #6, an anthology series spotlighting Batman and other corners of DC mythos. One of these stories, seemingly from Rob Williams and Stefano Landini, will see Emilia Harcourt return to the comics, just as Jennifer Holland has been portraying the character in multiple live-action DC adaptations.


  • Cover by SIMONE DI MEO
  • Variant covers by CHRISTIAN WARD and GUILLEM MARCH
  • 1:25 variant cover by MARGUERITE SAUVAGE
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  • Guillem March writes and draws a poignant and heartfelt tale of redemption in "Back to Year One." The shocking final chapter of Stormwatch has arrived from Ed Brisson and Jeff Spokes: What secret has Director Bones been withholding from the team all this time?! Emilia Harcourt returns…from the dead?! A mystery unfolds courtesy of Rob Williams and Stefano Landini! Plus: a no-holds-barred story of Batman from Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Jorge Molina in their first Batman Black & White story!
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Who Is DC's Emilia Harcourt?

Originally created by Williams and Jim Lee in 2016's Suicide Squad #2, Harcourt was established as a Russian NSA agent, who worked under Amanda Waller to monitor the Suicide Squad. She did not last in the book (or the main DCU) for long, dying in 2017's Suicide Squad #17. Fast-forward to 2021, when Holland first portrayed Harcourt in 2021's The Suicide Squad, before becoming one of the main characters of Max's Peacemaker series. She has since reprised her role in the previous DCEU's Black Adam and Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and is expected to continue appearing in the "reset" DC Universe.

"I think the interesting thing is that we don't know where she goes from here," Holland told ComicBook.com in an interview following Peacemaker's Season 1 finale. "She's not exactly an open book now. She still has a lot of demons and a lot of stuff to deal with. Emotionally, she's still very closed off. But she — at this point, I think — has finally accepted that it's okay to have a team, and it's okay to have a family. Whereas when we saw her at the beginning of the series, she was such a lone wolf. She felt like she was just carrying everyone else, and everyone else was just a liability to her. She thought she would be better off alone. I think she has accepted that there is value in having a team and having a family."

Is Emilia Harcourt Peacewrecker?

Harcourt's apparent resurrection comes just months after fans had begun to speculate that she'd already been brought back to life — as Peacewrecker, the mysterious female counterpart of Peacemaker who debuted in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #7. There's still no telling at this point if Harcourt is or isn't Peacewrecker — after all, her Brave and the Bold story could very well be set prior to Dark Crisis, and explain how she become the vigilante.

"I can tell you one of their names," Dark Crisis writer Joshua Williamson explained in an interview late last year. "The character with Peacemaker, the woman dressed like him; her name is Peacewrecker. That's the most I can tell you about her now but, hey, that's her first appearance."

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As mentioned above, Batman: The Brave and the Bold #6 will be released wherever comics are sold on Tuesday, October 24th.