DC's New Wonder Woman Yara Flor Getting Ongoing Series

DC's Future State has introduced an assortment of new characters and concepts to the DC Universe, [...]

DC's Future State has introduced an assortment of new characters and concepts to the DC Universe, and while there have been several standouts, few are as universally loved as Yara Flor. Under the guidance of Joelle Jones, Future State: Wonder Woman has been a huge hit, and thankfully fans can breathe easy regarding the next steps for the character, as DC announced she will become Wonder Girl of the main timeline after Future State ends, and that will come with her own ongoing series (via Polygon).

Jones will once again be writing and drawing the series, and it will be Wonder Girl's first ongoing series ever. The character is wholly the creation of Jones, and is actually the first character to hold the Wonder Woman or Wonder Girl mantle completely created by a woman.

(Photo: DC)

Jones has always loved Diana, but Yara allows her to explore someone who looks up to the icon and the struggles that come with trying to live up to a legend "She was this beautiful goddess that I looked up to and wanted to be like, and I wanted to take those emotions of admiration and put them in a character. It would be a woman who had the same powers, but had foibles as a human," Jones said. She added that the idea was for the reader to "watch the struggles of somebody wanting to be just like Wonder Woman, but who staggered along the way."

Yara started out as a character specifically for Future State, but it soon became apparent she was destined for more "As things went on, and people got more interested, it just sort of happened organically," Jones said. "[DC editorial was] like, 'Let's make her the new Wonder Girl.'"

Wonder Girl #1 hits in May, and will cement Yara's origins into main DC continuity, so rest easy, because Yara Flor is here to stay. A preview of the series can be found in DC's Infinite Frontier #0, which will hit comic stores on March 2nd.

Oh, and as for Jerry, it turns out the lovable Pegasus was inspired by an unlikely source.

"I had a real estate agent named Jerry," Jones said. "I really liked saying his name, and I found myself saying his name to him all the time, like, 'So how many bathrooms does it have, Jerry? Tell me more about this skylight, Jerry.'"

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