Dick Grayson Reunites With Batman Family, Titans, and Justice League on Nightwing #100 Cover

DC is gearing up for the release of Nightwing #100, and the hallmark issue is reuniting Dick Grayson with several key figures from his past and present. Writer Tom Taylor and artist Bruno Redondo took over as the creative team on Nightwing #78, ushering in a new era for the former Boy Wonder. During their run, Nightwing discovered he has a sister, got caught up in the Batman "Fear State" crossover, and plays a central role in the Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths event series. DC appears to have big plans for Nightwing, and a cover for his 100th issue is the perfect example of this, as he stands front-and-center among the Batman Family, Titans, and Justice League.

CBR has the exclusive first look at variant covers for Nightwing #100, but it's the main cover by Bruno Redondo and colorist Adriano Lucas that is a star-studded affair. "CBR already revealed, so here's our cover for Nightwing 100. Colors by @fxstudiocolor ! @TomTaylorMade @jessica_berbey @jesswchen @DCComics @thedcnation #Nightwing" Redondo wrote on Twitter. He followed the post with another message, stating how he drew inspiration for the Nightwing cover from the main art for the Super Friends animated series, which also starred Dick Grayson as Robin.

Which DC Heroes Are on the Nightwing #100 Cover?

The cover of Nightwing #100 shows Dick Grayson crouching on his Nightwing logo, joined by several of his closest friends, allies, and teammates. Members of the Batman Family are up front, including the Dark Knight, Damian Wayne/Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood, Tim Drake/Robin, Spoiler, Orphan, Batwoman, Huntress, Catwoman, Signal, and Harley Quinn.

(Photo: DC)

Representing Nightwing's teammates on the Teen Titans/Titans are Wally West/Flash, Beast Boy, Donna Troy, Arsenal, Tempest, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven. Some Justice League heroes are also present, including Detective Chimp, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Booster Gold, and Ted Kord/Blue Beetle.

Finally, hovering in the air is an assortment of Justice League and JLA heroes: Black Adam, Dr. Fate, Supergirl, Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Jon Kent/Superman, John Stewart/Green Lantern, Stargirl, Barry Allen/Flash, Hal Stewart/Green Lantern, Hawkman, Wonder Woman, Alan Scott/Green Lantern, Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle, Jessica Cruz/Green Lantern, Power Girl, Firestorm, Martian Manhunter, Clark Kent/Superman, Shazam, Captain Atom, Hawkgirl, and Adam Strange.

Other variant covers for Nightwing #100 feature the fan-favorite couple of Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon, the Titans, and a look back at all of the various costumes Dick has worn as Nightwing.

Nightwing #100 goes on sale January 17, 2023. DC's full January 2023 solicitations will be released later this month.