Watch an Exclusive Trailer for 'The Girl in The Bay' From Dark Horse

The Girl in The Bay premieres its debut issue tomorrow, and ahead of release, Dark Horse Comics has provided with an exclusive trailer release for the upcoming miniseries. The latest title added to Karen Berger's imprint under the Dark Horse banner, Berger Books, features the mysterious tale of a woman who returns from death to find a doppelganger has taken her place in life.

Solicited as a miniseries, as previously noted, The Girl in The Bay is expected to run four issues and comes from the creative team of writer J.M. DeMatteis and artist Corin Howell. As with the other books under the imprint, Berger serves as editor.

In a statement announcing the book at New York Comic Con last year, DeMatteis mentioned the chance to work with the former Vertigo editor again was "too good to pass up."

"The chance to work with Karen Berger again was too good to pass up," DeMatteis said. "I was part of the launch of the Vertigo imprint 25 years ago, and I'm delighted to be a part of this exciting new chapter in Karen's career. I'm equally delighted to have the amazing Corin Howell illustrating our project, The Girl in the Bay: a dark tale of mysticism, time-travel, cosmic identity theft, and murder."

The full solicitation text for The Girl in the Bay #1 can be found below.


  • Writer: J.M. DeMatteis
  • Artist: Corin Howell
  • Editor: Karen Berger
  • Cover Artist: Corin Howell
  • Genre: Fantasy

In 1969, seventeen-year-old Kathy Sartori was brutally attacked, her body hurled into Brooklyn's Sheepshead Bay. Miraculously, she survives and fights her way back to the surface, only to discover that fifty years have passed and an eerie doppelganger has lived out an entire life in her place. Kathy soon confronts not just this strange double, but the madman who ''murdered'' her five decades earlier. Will he, and the dark entity that lives inside him, hold the key to Kathy's missing years? Or will Kathy become a ghost of herself, forced to live out what remains of her life on the edge of the world that she desperately wants to be a part of? * Mature readers.

The Girl in The Bay finds its way onto the shelves at local comic stores Wednesday, February 6th.