Harley Quinn Returns to Being a Therapist in New Comic Series

A girl's got to make a living and for fan-favorite DC Comics character Harley Quinn, that means a [...]

A girl's got to make a living and for fan-favorite DC Comics character Harley Quinn, that means a return to her professional career as a therapist as just one of her side hustles in the new Digital First series Harley Quinn: Make 'em Laugh debuting on Tuesday, June 2nd. The new series will see always unpredictable anti-heroine sitting down and working through trauma with some of DC's bad guys to make a bit of quick cash, though that won't be her only gig. Harley will also be doing a bit of work as a consultant for the Gotham Art Museum, putting her unique skill set to work in a variety of ways.

harley quinn t herapist make em laugh
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

"It's hard out there for a freelancer! Looking to make some quick cash, Harley takes on odd jobs in her many wheelhouses -- therapizing bad guys, tracking down stolen art from the Gotham Art Museum...but when it turns out the thief has his own mental baggage to unpack, Harley's got a real Thinker on her hands!" the official description of the first issue reads.

In a preview of the issue (via Newsarama) a villain named Head Shrink appears, prompting some mystery as to exactly who Harley will be dealing with in Harley Quinn: Make 'em Laugh as the issue description also references The Thinker, a character who has been handful of people over the years in comics history, the perhaps most well-known version being Clifford DeVoe who not only was a member of the Injustice Society and, at one point, the Suicide Squad, but also featured prominently during The CW's The Flash's fourth season.

The debut of Harley Quinn: Make 'em Laugh comes just a few weeks after the announcement that DC's ongoing Harley Quinn series comes to an end with the 75th issue set to hit stores later this summer. Series writer Sam Humphries made the announcement on Twitter earlier this month, promising "one of Harley's biggest issues of all time" for the finale.

"Hey y'all, I'm hammer-smashing the embargo to break the news that HARLEY QUINN is OVER with issue 75! FINAL ISSUE!" Humphries tweeted. "No worries and no tears, this has been the plan for almost a year, and we're celebrating with one of Harley's biggest issues OF ALL TIME! Big sappy goodbyes another day. Thanks to DC for letting me tell ya first. RECAP: Harley 75 is the final issue (for now), Harley 75 is my goodbye issue, Harley 75 is popping w stellar artists, watch DC DAILY every day, The Cure still rules, stay home, wear a mask, LOVE Y'ALL."

Harley Quinn: Make 'em Laugh #1 from writer Mark Russell and artists Laura Braga, Luis Guerrero, and Marshall Dillon is part of DC's Digital First line of books available on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, ReadDC.com and other digital platforms for $0.99. It debuts June 2nd.