Harley Quinn Ending at DC Comics With Issue #75

Though fans have had to wait a little longer for the new issues to be released, big news was announced today about DC Comics' ongoing Harley Quinn comic series. Series writer Sam Humphries took to Twitter earlier today to announce that the comic is officially coming to an end and that it's upcoming seventy-fifth issue will be its last, at least for now. In addition to being Humphries' final issue, the extra-sized issue will feature a host of artists inside including Sami Basri, Nicola Scott, Emanuela Lupacchino, Ramon Villalobos, Ngozi Ukazu, Joe Quinones, and Riley Rossmo. Guillem March provided the cover for the issue which you can find below!

"Hey y'all, I'm hammer-smashing the embargo to break the news that HARLEY QUINN is OVER with issue 75! FINAL ISSUE!" Humphries tweeted. "No worries and no tears, this has been the plan for almost a year, and we're celebrating with one of Harley's biggest issues OF ALL TIME! Big sappy goodbyes another day. Thanks to DC for letting me tell ya first. RECAP: Harley 75 is the final issue (for now), Harley 75 is my goodbye issue, Harley 75 is popping w stellar artists, watch DC DAILY every day, The Cure still rules, stay home, wear a mask, LOVE Y'ALL."

Humphries also teased the new direction and creative team for the character, adding: "This is a happy ending for all -- I'm moving on to some very cool secret projects (no hints) and Harley is moving on to one of my favorite creators AND people (no hints). Perfect occasion for a new number one. And I'm absolutely thrilled about where Harley is headed.


Humphries also confirmed that, as many fans hoped, the final issue of his tenure will feature Poison Ivy, as you can see from the cover above. The writer made his debut on Harley Quinn with issue #45 in July of 2018, making his tenure with the character just over two years long with thirty issues under his belt. Throughout his time on the character he saw Harley join the Female Furies of Apokolips and even shattered the entire DC continuity.