Jumbo Galactus Black Light Funko Pop PX Exclusive Debuts With a Lifebringer Chase

Earlier this year, Funko launched a Jumbo 10-inch Fantastic Four Galactus Previews Exclusive Pop [...]


Earlier this year, Funko launched a Jumbo 10-inch Fantastic Four Galactus Previews Exclusive Pop figure that included a detachable Silver Surfer. That Pop figure sold out quickly, but don't feel bad about missing it because an even better version has just arrived. The Jumbo Galactus Pop figure with Silver Surfer is now available with a black light paint application. What's more, there's a Chase version that portrays Galactus as the Lifebringer with the Fallen One.

The black light Galactus with Silver Surfer Funko Pop figure is a Previews Exclusive that you can pre-order here at Entertainment Earth now for $45.99. If you're super lucky, you'll find the extra rare Lifebringer and Fallen one Chase variant (pictured below) on your doorstep - they're shipped to customers randomly and fetch high prices in the aftermarket.


If you are unfamiliar with the subject of the Chase figure, Galactus did a 180 and became Lifebringer in the 2015 Ultimates storyline by Al Ewing and Kenneth Rocafort after the Ultimates trapped him in his incubator. He was born again as a protector of life as opposed to the Devourer of Worlds.

The Fallen One was the first herald of Galactus (long before the Silver Surfer had the job), but he proved to be too evil for Galactus' liking, so he imprisoned him. The Fallen One escaped and came after Galactus - a process that repeated itself many times before he was finally taken down by Star-Lord.

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