Comics Fans and Professionals Raise Funds to Help Colorist Justin Ponsor

Comics colorist Justin Ponsor is battling cancer, and now fans and fellow creators have an [...]

Comics colorist Justin Ponsor is battling cancer, and now fans and fellow creators have an opportunity to help. Due to a dangerous change in treatment, Ponsor's friend Alex Car began a collection on GoFundMe to help the artist with increasing expenses. Anyone interested in contributing to this fund can follow the link here to donate.

Readers interested in Ponsor's experience can take a look at his blogs documenting the past few months. Ponsor's first post from November 2017 provides insight into the start of the process and manages to alleviate the very heavy subject matter with wit and charm, offering plenty of humor alongside the start of his medical problems. A second post from February 2018 provides an update on how matters have proceeded. Ponsor still has a long road to recovery ahead of him necessitating the current GoFundMe campaign to help him focus on his health instead of the financial burdens imposed by treating cancer.

Justin Ponsor Fundraiser

While some Marvel Comics readers may not immediately recognize Ponsor's name, they will certainly recognize his work. His colors have graced almost all of the greatest heroes in the might Marvel pantheon. Ponsor has contributed to many of Bendis' final Marvel works including Spider-Man, The Defenders, and Spider-Men II. He has also made the return of the Fantastic Four shine in the pages of Marvel Two-in-One. The colors on all of these recent superhero tales and too many others to count reveal an artist that brings light and energy to one of pop culture's greatest worlds.

Comments from Ponsor's peers reveal someone whose life is every bit as charming as his work. His personality and humor have made him beloved amongst fellow comic book creators who have contributed a great deal to the fundraiser so far. There's a great deal of love for Ponsor amongst the comics community. However, there's still a long way to go in raising the $50,000 needed to help this celebrated colorist and friend make it through a difficult time. That's why we're posting the link to the GoFundMe page one more time for any fans who are able to help out this talented artist in his time of need.