Kevin Smith Clarifies Details About Upcoming 'Hit-Girl' Series

Kevin Smith is clarifying a few details about his upcoming run on Hit-Girl.Smith is writing a [...]

Kevin Smith is clarifying a few details about his upcoming run on Hit-Girl.

Smith is writing a four-part storyline for Hit-Girl illustrated by Pernille Ørum (DC Super Hero Girls), entitled titled "The Golden Rage of Hollywood." It is the fourth four-part story arc so far in Image Comics' ongoing Hit-Girl series, after she found herself in Colombia, Canada, and Rome. In an interview with Deadline, the story was characterized seeing the adolescent super assassin taking on Hollywood predators, but in a Facebook post on Tuesday, Smith said that just isn't quite the case.

"First off, despite what Mark Millar said, my Hit-Girl arc is not about Hollywood predators -- it's about the making of a Hit-Girl movie," Smith wrote. "There are no jokes about the Me Too movement (obviously) or even references to real world horror stories."

That clarification certainly sheds a bit of light on the upcoming story arc, but even if Smith had been taking aim at Hollywood predators it wouldn't have been too much of a surprise. Early in his career, Smith's films were bankrolled and promoted by the Weinstein brothers and when Harvey Weinstein became the first and most notorious Hollywood icon taken down by a sexual harassment scandal, Smith opened up about how distraught he was that his career is connected to Weinstein.

"My entire career is tied up with the man," Smith said last October. "Everything I did in the beginning has his name on it. And I spent many years lionizing him, telling stories. Whenever I tell the Clerks story, there's, you know, and then we got bought by Miramax."

When it comes to his work on Hit-Girl, though, Smith is very excited and told Deadline that working on the story while recovering from his near-fatal heart attack helped "mend his broken heart."

"I wrote most of 'The Golden Rage of Hollywood' Hit-Girl arc while recuperating after my health scare, so it was Mindy McCready and her bloody thirst for justice who helped me mend my broken heart," Smith told Deadline. "Telling tales with Mark's toys was an absolute pleasure but having Pernille bring it all to life makes this a must-read for me! Pernille's style is like hot cocoa for the eyes and soul, so I'm ecstatic she opted to lend it to our pint-sized, pre-pubescent Punisher!"

Smith's arc is set to begin in January 2019 with Hit-Girl #13.