Kevin Smith Launching Quick Stops II Series With Dark Horse

Kevin Smith's new comic has an interesting tie to Dogma.

Kevin Smith is known for directing fan-favorite films such as Clerks, Mallrats, and Dogma, but the creative often has his hands in other interesting projects as well. Smith hosts multiple podcasts, owns a comic book shop and a movie theater, and much more. The director is no stranger to comics, in fact, he's reuniting with Dark Horse for a new series. The comic book sequel will be titled Quick Stops II, a black-and-white anthology series that will run for four issues and focus on the history of Moobys, the fictional fast food restaurant seen in many of Smith's films. The issues will also feature the origin story of Nancy Goldruff, the character who was first mentioned in Dogma as a former kindergarten teacher who created the character Mooby. 

"In Quick Stops I, we visited four small stories in the Askewniverse," Smith explained to Deadline. "So for Quick Stops II, we did four issues of a massive story that spans a few decades to tell the tale of Mooby, the Golden Calf. And where that salacious story takes us is gritty, graphic, and grotesquely grown up. I cannot wait to introduce you to Nancy Goldruff – who warranted merely a mention in 1999's Dogma, but gets a full-fledged secret origin story in Quick Stops II!"

Smith is creating the new comic with artist Ahmed Raafat and letterer Andrew Thomas. 

You can read the full Dogma quote about Mooby's history here: "Mooby, the Golden Calf. Created by Nancy Goldruff, a former kindergarten teacher in 1989. Bought by the Complex Corporation in 1991. Broadcast nationally as the Mooby Fun-Time Hour. Since its inception, has spawned two theatrical films... and a library of priced-to-own videocassettes. Not to mention bicoastal theme parks... dubbed 'Mooby World.' Did I miss anything?," asks Bartleby (Ben Affleck). "You forgot Mooby Magazine," a board member replies. 

Kevin Smith Announces Mail-Order Subscription Service for Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash:

Earlier this month, Smith revealed that fans around the country now have the chance to make Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash in New Jersey their "local comic shop." Smith introduced the idea in a YouTube video, and launched a new "Reservist" tab on the Stash's home page. From there, fans can reach out to the store employees via phone or email to get their box set up.

Smith opened the comic book ship in 1997, the same year his film Chasing Amy was released. The store is best known for being featured on AMC's Comic Book Men, an unscripted series that featured Smith, his friends, and employees running the shop.

Quick Stops II is coming on November 22.