Marvel Debuts the Winter Hulk

Avengers has been in the midst of World War She-Hulk, which homages the popular World War Hulk storyline from YEAR. As the new title implies, Jennifer Walters is in the crosshairs this time, but it differs quite a bit from the original event. In that storyline, Hulk returned with a vengeance after being sent off-world by the Illuminati, and when he returned he made all of his former friends pay. In this go-round, it's the Winter Guard who are the main antagonists, and after abducting She-Hulk from Avengers headquarters (with some inside help), they start to try and turn Jennifer over to their side, and she eventually does become the Winter Hulk.

Obviously big spoilers are incoming so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned. In Avengers #47 we pick up with the Avengers attempting a rescue mission to recover their friend from the Winter Guard's headquarters. If they're caught this could incite an incident between the United States and Russia, and it doesn't take long for chaos to ensue.

(Photo: Marvel)

As they battle the Winter Guard we see Red Widow and Vostok continuing their attempts to break Jennifer's mind inside what Widow calls a "mind oven". It's got red lights everywhere and continually blasts concentrated audio of statements while she battles it out inside her mind thanks to Vostok's meddling. Widow reveals that she is impressed with Jennifer's control, as she still hasn't broken yet.

As the Avengers get closer Red Widow asks if their Hulk is ready yet, and Vostok says "The eggs are all laid in her mind. They just need a bit more time to hatch." She then asks if the mission is uploaded, and Vostok says "It is implanted deep in her mind. Wrapped inside her rage."

(Photo: Marvel)

We then go back to the Winter Guard and Avengers, and someone reaches through the wall and decks Crimson Dynamo so hard he lands miles away. Then they hit Red Guardian and shattered his shield, and after the Avengers try and talk to them they bring the whole place down on top of them. Ghost Rider pulls up and takes the Winter Guard for medical attention, and Red Widow's arm is found as well. We see she survived (and sliced off her own arm to escape), but despite the Winter Guard falling the end goal was achieved. She tells the mysterious leader that "the asset has been successfully deployed and will proceed as instructed. The target will die, of this, I have no doubt. Yes sir. She is ours now. Our Winter Hulk."


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