Marvel Releases X-Men Legends Trailer

Marvel has released the X-Men Legends trailer, giving fans a nice, cinematic-style preview of the upcoming Marvel Comics series. As the trailer teases, X-Men fans are about to get closure on one of the longest-running mysteries in the series: "After decades of clues and conspiracies, the secrets of the Summers family lineage will finally be revealed in X-MEN LEGENDS #1, on sale this February!" The series has generated hype for the shiny nostalgia-bait that it will bring - and not just in the story we get on the comic page. X-Men Legends is bringing back some iconic Marvel/X-Men comic creators, to finish work they started long ago.

Chris Claremont and Fabian Nicieza will both be returning for X-Men Legends, helping to settle the mystery of the 'Third Summers Brother' that began in the 1990s. Fans know that Scott Summer/Cyclops and Alex Summers/Havok are brothers, but the identity of the third (and likely very powerful) Summers brother was left unanswered, after the Legacy Virus arc in '90s X-Men comics. During that arc, Mr. Sinister at one point tells Cyclops that he does not want him or his brothers (plural) succumbing to the virus, as the Summers bloodline has long been Sinister's obsession and pet-project.

Marvel X-Men Legends Trailer
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Fabian Nicieza deepened the mystery with the introduction of "Adam X" in 1993, a grunge-inspired character who was half-mutant, half-Shi'ar, and head clues about being a half-brother to Cyclops and Havok embedded in his origin. However, the story never played out, as when Nicieza left the X-Men books in 1995.

As you can see in the trailer above, Adam X will be returning for X-Men Legends and along with him we will get threads of X-Men mythology that connect Adam with the Summers, the Shi'ar Empire, the Starjammers, Erik The Red, Sinister, Gambit, Cable - and of course Gabriel Summers/Vulcan, who was established as the third Summers brother in the 2000s.

"It's incredibly exciting to finally tell the story of the infamous 'third' Summers brother. Twenty-five years in the making, to see the truth about Adam-X revealed -- and drawn so magnificently by Brett Booth -- is one of the most surreal experiences of my career!" Fabian Nicieza said in a statement when X-Men Legends was announced. "Getting the opportunity to tell this tale while kicking off the new X-Men Legends series is a x-tremely x-citing!"


Along with Fabian Nicieza and Chris Claremont, the series will bring together the talents of Louise Simonson, Larry Hama, Peter David, and more.

X-Men Legends arrives in February.