Dark Horse Reveals Minor Threats Incentive Variant

Minor Threats enters comic stores just under a month from now, and ComicBook.com has the exclusive first look at the retailer incentive cover for the title's debut issue. Courtesy of Christian Ward, Dark Horse is offering the incentive variant to any comic store that orders 10 or more comics of the new superhero title from Patton Oswalt, Jordan Blum, and Scott Hepburn.

For the retailers reading this, the regular copies of the issue will be returnable while Ward's incentive variant will not be. Check out the stellar variant below.

(Photo: Christian Ward / Dark Horse Comics)

Minor Threats follows a Suicide Squad-esque team-up of villains that ban together to take down Stickman, the nastiest of the nasty. While the title is currently being solicited as a mini-series, Blum and Oswalt told ComicBook.com they'd love to expand it into a full-fledge comic book universe.

"We have definitely an idea of how we would do the next arc. I think that's absolutely figured out," Blum told us earlier this month. "And our big thing was that we're subverting superheroes, but we're also subverting the crime genre. And our first arc is very much like The Warriors. We have to survive the night, make it through the city. There's a little bit of a caper kind of element to it in taking down Stick Man. But it's all kind of set over 48 hours. And we really wanted that kind of high energy ... Can these characters make it from this part of the city, to the other part of the city and survive?"

Oswalt added, "So I want that feeling of Twilight City, where if we set up a story back in the '60s, not only will it look completely different, but we clearly will have thought about why things aren't there that were there before and how things are going to be there. The Kaiju that fell and crashed, there was a whole story as to why that happened. There was a whole other thing that was going to happen, that the Kaiju falling stopped happening, much like the way Moses ripped up ... Robert Moses ripped up New York City back in the '50s, all the different urban planning. And the fact that the very last minute they saved Greenwich Village. But in a different continuity, Greenwich Village never existed. There's a massive six-lane highway that cuts through there because they didn't listen to the urban planners."

Minor Threats #1 is due out August 24th.