Nemesis Creator Mark Millar Would Cast Michael Fassbender As Lead

Mark Millar has created some amazing characters throughout his career, and one of the more memorable characters on his resume is the man known as Nemesis. Millar essentially created a character that had all the money and influence Batman had but without any of the pesky things like a conscience or that whole don't kill thing. The series was a hit when it released in 2010, but since the series ended we haven't seen a sequel or a follow-up. There is a movie in development though over at Warner Bros, and in a new interview with The Aspiring Kryptonian, Millar was asked who he would love to play the lead character if the film gets made. For Millar the answer was easy, and it's none other than Michael Fassbender.

"Oh, I could tell you right away. Michael Fassbender. Michael Fassbender would be perfect," Millar said. "I think he'd make a great Batman, I think he'd be fantastic. For Nemesis, an evil Batman, he could play it."

Fassbender is most synonymous to comic fans as the villain Magneto in the X-Men films, but with those now done, it would seem he's got some free time in his schedule. We could easily see him in the role of Nemesis, and thanks to Millar that's now an idea we want to see happen.

As for a sequel to the hit comic series, Millar revealed there won't be one for the time being, at least until the WB's option runs out.

"No, probably not," Millar said. "No I had one but I sold my company about two and a half years ago to Netflix, so Netflix owns all the franchises and I work as an executive at Netflix as well, but my priority for the next 7 plus years is to do sequels to the things that we are currently making as shows, so I know everything that we're doing. So I know we're doing Magic Order, I know we're doing Jupiter's Legacy, all these things. But Nemesis is actually one of the few that we still own, but the movie license is over at Warner Bros. It was at Fox for about 7 years and it's now over at Warner Bros, so Warner Bros has it for about another 5 years, so there will be no sequel while it's over at Warner Bros."

When asked if the movie was in the cards, Millar confirmed that the 5 years at Warner Bros was the result of a recent extension.

"Yeah they actually paid Netflix quite a lot of money quite recently to extend the option," Millar said. "That's why they bought it for another 5 years it seems to be, which is weird because they have like 7 or 8000 DC characters it seems so what's one more."

As for the original idea, Millar explains it was a simple one, but then those often make the best foundations.


"It's such a simple one," Millar said. I love a simple idea. Like Kick-Ass is all about imagine a kid who was a comic book fan that tried to be a superhero. It's so simple anyone gets it. Nemesis is imagine Batman was a bad guy, if Batman was the Joker, you know, it's so simple. So imagine a city's worst nightmare out there as opposed to the guy who looks after the city. Like a billionaire with all those toys, all those gadgets and a suit and a mask and everything. Imagine he was a psychopath and that was it. It was that simple. I drew. I always start with a picture and I drew a little picture of a reverse Batman, a Batman that was dressed completely in white, and I saw that was pretty cool, so I painted it and colored it and I always draw the thing, and I'll draw a pivotal scene before I actually write it and I was like 'there's something really interesting there', and then the idea grew out of that."

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