Top 10 Comic Books From Last Week Rising In Value Include Hulk, Moon Knight & More

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This weeks TOP 10 could be summarized with two words, MOON KNIGHT. The recent Disney+ trailer set Moon Knight books on fire. While half this list is dedicated to Marc Spector's alter ego, there were several other significant trends this week, including Donny Cate's HULK #3 issue, which introduces a new potential villain. The Corinthian, who first appeared in Sandman #10, helped a Sandman book appear on the list for the first time. Strange Academy's new villain, GASLAMP, is heating up in aftermarket sales. And lastly, a new gorgeous Catwoman variant that's hitting three figures well before it even hit comic bookshelves. Let's get into it:


#10. MOON KNIGHT #3 NEWSSTAND | MARVEL | 1981 | This issue features the first appearance of MIDNIGHT MAN. Despite no appearance in the recent MOON KNIGHT trailer, the character has had a recent spike in sales. This is most likely due to the tragic passing of French actor Gaspard Ulliel, who is playing the character in the Disney+ series. This week it had a high sale of $640 for a CGC 9.8, with a raw FMV of $51.

#9. CATWOMAN #39 SOZOMAIKA (1:25) | DC | 2022 | It's incredible what many ratio incentive variants are doing right out the gate upon release day. That pre-release buzz truly seems to help these hot new releases hit big numbers right away. This was the case for this Sozomakika 1:25 with a current raw FMV of $127.

#8. SANDMAN #10 | DC | 1989 | It was recently announced that actor Boyd Holbrook would be playing the role of The Corinthian on Netflix's SANDMAN series. In addition, it was also recently announced that James Tynion is writing a new comic series, NIGHTMARE COUNTRY, which will be based in the Sandman universe and centered around The Corinthian. These two factors helped it reach a high sale of $678 for a CGC 9.8 and a current raw FMV of $82.

#7. MOON KNIGHT #188 | MARVEL | 2017 | While the MOON KNIGHT trailer was met with positive reactions, many felt disappointed in the reveal of Ethan Hawke playing Arthur Harrow, a relatively obscure Moon Knight villain. So much so that fans are theorizing Harrow is either a pawn of the Sun King or possibly the Sun King in disguise. Regardless, the hope of the Sun King playing a significant role has made his first appearance in this issue trend in a huge way, landing on this week's list with a high sale of $550 for a CGC 9.8 and a current raw FMV of $46. This book could grow even higher if that theory pans out.

#6. HULK #3 TRADD MOORE (1:25) | MARVEL | 2022 | After significant heat behind the God of Hammers, Donny Cates strikes again with HULK this week! So, to catch folks up with this series, the Hulk has been split into three personalities. As described in the book's summary, "The Hulk's body has been turned into a Starship, Banner's psyche pilots it from within the Hulk's mind, and the Hulk's psyche fuels the starship with his anger." While traveling through different dimensions, we're briefly introduced to a darker and more sinister threat that fans are calling "Black Hulk" and "Knull Hulk." Despite an appearance and dialogue, it's not known if this unnamed character is even a Hulk or what level of threat he will be. With that said, high expectations around this new character pushed this 1:25 Tradd Moore variant to its current raw FMV of $50.

#5. MOON KNIGHT #1 | MARVEL | 1980 | For the past several years, the highly anticipated MOON KNIGHT Disney+ series continuously rose this first issue of his ongoing series to a higher and higher market value. With the official first trailer finally released, this book's rise in price and sales surge should come as no surprise this week. It hit a high sale of $1,150 for a CGC 9.8, with raw copies currently trending at an FMV of $105. 

#4. STRANGE ACADEMY #15 HUMBERTO RAMOS | MARVEL | 2022 | Gaslamp was first introduced via a cameo in Strange Academy #13, with a first full appearance in issue #14. Many online debates have surfaced over which issue should take the "first appearance" designation. While the market continues to iron that out, this issue officially gets the honor of a first cover appearance. And boy, did it sell well, with raw copies currently at an FMV of $23.

#3. MOON KNIGHT #7 RAHZZAH VARIANT | MARVEL | 2022 | Wow. How amazing is this cover from Rahzzah? This was easily our favorite cover of the week. Heck, since it's only January, we can even call it our favorite cover of the year. It's perfect and well-timed with the recent Moon Knight heat. Though, its high demand made it challenging to find in stores as copies were quickly snatched up. Fans had to turn to online sales, which helped raw sales to move a current FMV of $10.

#2. HULK #3 RYAN OTTLEY | MARVEL | 2022 | As noted, Hulk's new potential adversary introduced Last week set this standard cover on aftermarket fire with raw copies selling for an FMV of $19. Who is this new "Black Hulk," and what does this mean for our Hulk? Mr. Cates does a fantastic job of keeping us coming back for those answers.

#1. MOON KNIGHT #2 | MARVEL | 1985 | As noted, the most significant trend out of the MOON KNIGHT Disney+ trailer was around the confirmation that Ethan Hawke is playing the role of the obscure Moon Knight villain, Dr. Arthur Harrow. His first and only appearance was in this issue. It went from a dollar-priced book to a high of $158 for an NM raw with an overall FMV of $64. Is Dr. Harrow the big bad for Moon Knight? Regardless of that answer, it's clear that the MOON KNIGHT series will take us on a journey full of chaos. 

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