Top Comics Sold in January 2018

The numbers are in from Diamond for January 2018, and they paint an interesting picture for both Marvel and DC.

Specifically, Diamond reports that Marvel Comics came in as top publisher in terms of dollars with a 34.30-percent dollar share and a 36.69-percent unit share. DC Entertainment wasn't far behind, however, with a 33.80-percent dollar share and 38.94-percent unit share. Image takes third with what appears to be a 9.48-percent dollar share and 8.23-percent unit share. ("Appears" here because Diamond's revised numbers for everything below DC look to have missed a couple decimal places, with the official table reading 948-percent dollar share for Image.)

As for individual comics, the numbers are a little more stark. For the top 10 comic books in terms of units shipped and dollars invoiced, DC took six spots each with Doomsday Clock #3 following by Dark Nights Metal #5 topping both. Marvel's first entry on both lists, Avengers #675, landed at sixth and third, respectively. The other notable entry on both lists? The Walking Dead #175.

You can check out the full list of top comic book publishers, top 10 comics books by units shipped, and top 10 comic books by dollars invoiced below.

Top Comic Book Publishers

Marvel Comics

Dollar Share: 34.30% | Unit Share: 36.69%

DC Entertainment

Dollar Share: 33.80% | Unit Share: 38.94%

Image Comics

Dollar Share: 9.48% | Unit Share: 8.23%

IDW Publishing

Dollar Share: 4.42% | Unit Share: 3.51%

Dark Horse Comics

Dollar Share: 2.50% | Unit Share: 1.27%

Boom! Studios

Dollar Share: 2.13% | Unit Share: 1.74%

Dynamite Entertainment

Dollar Share: 1.61% | Unit Share: 2.25%

Viz Media

Dollar Share: 1.29% | Unit Share: 0.44%

Titan Comics

Dollar Share: 0.96% | Unit Share: 0.74%

Oni Press Inc.

Dollar Share: 0.89% | Unit Share: 0.48%

Other Non-Top 10

Dollar Share: 8.63% | Unit Share: 5.71%

Top 10 Comic Books by Units Shipped

  1. Doomsday Clock #3
  2. Dark Nights Metal #5
  3. Batman #38
  4. Batman #39
  5. The Walking Dead #175
  6. Avengers #675
  7. Batman: White Knight #4
  8. Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Omega #1
  9. Batman and The Signal #1
  10. Old Man Hawkeye #1

Top 10 Comic Books by Dollars Invoiced

  1. Doomsday Clock #3
  2. Dark Nights Metal #5
  3. Avengers #675
  4. The Walking Dead #175
  5. Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Omega #1
  6. Batman #38
  7. Batman: White Knight #4
  8. Batman #39
  9. Batman and The Signal #1
  10. Old Man Hawkeye #1


None of these numbers are terribly shocking, of course. DC's events are killing it, and The Walking Dead has opened an entirely new can of worms with its current arc. With a number of Marvel's flagship titles coming to triple-digit milestones, it'll be interesting to see how February's numbers shake out.