Watch The Creator of Spawn Draw Superman

In a facebook video that was posted Friday, Spawn creator, Todd McFarlane sketches out his version of DC's Man of Steel, Superman. Interlaced with snarky jokes and comments about Superman - it's worth a watch.

Drawing on a wacom tablet, the video also works as a quick lesson on how to do quick sketches and drawings on the device as Todd certainly, and understandably knows what he's doing.


I got a little SASSY when I did this video, but it's still a good one!

Fun fun fact about the Toddfather (that's me), I used to PERM my hair like SUPERMAN...even had the famous Super-Man CURL!

And before you ask...YES, I looked AWESOME!!

Be good.


Unfortunately he doesn't add any mention of how the Spawn movie development is doing. Last we heard it was picked up by the same production company that did Get Out, The Belko Experiment and The Purge - Blumhouse Productions. Considering McFarlane wanted a cheaper smaller production, something that Blumhouse is famous for, it looks like he found the perfect fit.

Covert government assassin Al Simmons is killed after being double-crossed by his boss, Jason Wynn. Upon arriving in Hell, Simmons is offered an opportunity to return to Earth if he's willing to lead an evil army.


He accepts, and is reincarnated as a "Hellspawn" -- a twisted, horribly disfigured version of his former self. However, Spawn serves as a force of good, much to the dismay of the Devil's henchman, a wicked clown.