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--Sponsored Content--Over the almost one hundred year history of superhero comics, there have been [...]

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Over the almost one hundred year history of superhero comics, there have been a lot of big events and world-altering twists that have left their marks on us. Now, thanks to myPlates' new series of custom license plates in NSW, you can show off your love of comics for the world to see.

The custom plates all feature different comic-related art, and best of all, you could win one for free by telling us one of your favourite moments in comics history!

Kaboom_KABOOM (1)

The first of the plates is called "Kaboom!", and we couldn't help but be reminded of one of the biggest Kaboom moments in all of DC's history - "Crisis on Infinite Earths".

After decades of storytelling and parallel earths, Marv Wolfman blew up the DC Universe and restarted fresh with just one Earth. Not only did this make for an awesome story, but it also made getting into DC comics much simpler for newcomers from that moment forward.

Throw in a few major character deaths, and it's hard to think of a bigger "Kaboom!"

Shout-Out_KAPOW (1)

Whether it's to turn the tide in "Fear Itself" or in its cinematic fan-service form in Endgame, Cap lifting Mjolnir is a moment that always makes us Shout Out. Next up is the "Shout Out" custom plate, and while there are almost endless comics moments that made us shout out, one of the best recurring ones is when Captain America inevitably proves worthy of wielding Thor's Mjolnir.

Just-a-Thought_HMMM (1)

Then, there's "Just a Thought."

Very few comic book stories have ever given their readers as much to think about as Alan Moore's "Watchmen".

From the dystopian alternate universe to Ozymandias' climactic plan for world peace, "Watchmen" is a comic that begs to be read and reread, and what you think one time you read it might end up being very different from what you think the next.

Say-What_WHATDA (1)

With those three little words, Scarlet Witch resets Marvel's universe as we know it, and a world once crowded with mutants becomes a lot emptier. So much so, that the X-Men are still dealing with the fallout to this day. Finally, there's "Say What". While twists and comic books go hand in hand, one of our favourite "Say What" moments was "House of M"'s infamous "No More Mutants."

So, what is your favourite moment in the illustrious history of comics?

In 50 words or less, give us your biggest "Kaboom!", "Shout Out", "Just a Thought", or "Say What" comic book moment, and you'll be in with a chance to win your very own custom comic book license plate.

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