The X-Men Put Their Spin on the Guardians of the Galaxy's Baby Groot

While everybody loved Baby Groot in 2017's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the X-Men show they can offer the same kind of adorableness in one of their team members. Unfortunately, the X-Men are wrapped up in a not-so-adorable story arc involving the alien Brood. A horde of the parasitic monsters is rampaging across the galaxy, with the X-Men stepping up to stop them after Cyclops' father Corsair is ambushed. After the X-Men are able to rescue Corsair, they attempt to flee with other survivors of the Brood attack. During the rescue mission, one of the Original Five X-Men turns into a miniature version of themselves, similar to Baby Groot.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for X-Men #20. Continue reading at your own risk!

X-Men #20 is from the creative team of Gerry Duggan, Stefano Caselli, Federico Blee, VC's Clayton Cowles, Tom Muller, and Jay Bowen. Cyclops, Synch, Talon, Firestar, and Iceman are trying to help a group of survivors leave a planet overridden by the Brood. Cyclops has their escape ship all powered up, but just has to wait for Synch, Firestar, Talon, and Iceman to finish keeping the Brood at bay. In his ice form, Iceman can't be infected by the Brood, so he volunteers to stay behind to keep the Brood off their backs. 

Just as everyone is safe aboard the ship, Talon calls back out to Iceman to let him know that they'll be back to save him. However, a tiny voice responds, stating he made it aboard the ship just fine. Of course, the voice belongs to Iceman, who sent a tiny piece of himself on the ship so he wouldn't be left behind. "I'll grow once I get access to more moisture," Iceman says. His small form is very reminiscent of Baby Groot, who even went on to star in his own Disney+ series of shorts, appropriately titled I Am Groot.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

X-Men 60th Anniversary Recruits Grant Morrison

Legendary comic book creator Grant Morrison is returning to Marvel in celebration of the X-Men's 60th anniversary. Marvel revamped the X-Men line when Morrison took on the writing duties of the retitled New X-Men in 2001, penning over 40 issues in New X-Men #114-154. Gone were the colorful superhero costumes that fans had become accustomed to, replaced with big puffy leather jackets that heavily featured the yellow X-Men logo on the front. Some of the big storylines that took place during Morrison's run included the introduction of Xorn (who was supposed to be Magneto) and the slaughter of mutants on the island nation of Genosha. Morrison will be joined by some of the greatest creators to ever work on the X-Men later this month when X-Men: 60 Uncanny Years premieres.

The live virtual event is scheduled for Thursday, March 16th at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. Fans can hear from some of the icons of X-Men lore with live interviews, fan Q&As, giveaways, exclusive announcements, and more. Marvel Unlimited Annual and Annual Plus members are eligible to register and attend this exclusive event for free. The other list of creators joining Grant Morrison includes Chris Claremont, Walt and Louise Simonson, Rob Liefeld, Marc Silvestri, Gerry Duggan, Jonathan Hickman, and more. As an added bonus, special guests from X-Men: The Animated Series (Eric Lewald and Julia Lewald) and writer Beau DeMayo of the upcoming X-Men '97 animated series for Disney+ will relive epic moments and share the secrets behind your favorite X-Men characters. Current Marvel Unlimited Annual or Annual Plus members can RSVP for the event. If you. need to sign up or upgrade your Marvel Unlimited Annual or Annual plus tier, you can go to

X-Men #20 is on sale now. Let us know your thoughts on the issue in the comments!