Gal Gadot Asks Fans To Name The Justice League Band Album

wonder woman justice league

Are you ready to rock? Well, if you’re a fan of The Justice League, then you better get your horns ready. It looks like DC Comics’ all-stars might be prepping to play a show somewhere near your hometown. Okay - maybe they’re not quite ready for live shows yet, but the cast of Justice League has apparently formed a 'band' on-set. And, now, Gal Gadot is asking fans to name the illustrious group.

If you’re not sure what band I’m talking about, you only need to go back a few days. It all started when Jason Mamoa (Aquaman) caused waves after director Zack Snyder shared a photo of the actor playing guitar while in full costume. And, not long after, Momoa then posted some behind-the-scenes photos of him jamming with Ezra Miller (The Flash) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) in his cushy trailer.

Many fans were already aware of Mamoa’s musical talents, and alternative fans must’ve been aware of Miller’s gifts given his work with the band Sons Of An Illustrious Father. However, others were left wondering what Gal Gadot would bring to the band - and her talents definitely won’t be disappointing anyone.

Taking to Instagram, Gadot uploaded a video created by @deewonder_love which features the beautiful actress’ beautiful singing voice. Impressed, Gadot wrote a short thanks to the user before teasing fans with the following message: “Maybe @prideofgypsies #ezramiller @benaffleck @henrycavill and @rehsifyar should start working on an album 😂any ideas for names??😉.”

Honestly, can you imagine it? Wonder Woman rocking the band's vocals while The Flash drums so quickly the snare explodes? Aquaman would be the member who drenches concert goers with bottled water, and Superman's nimble hands would certainly fly over all sorts of piano chords. As for Batman? Well, if he doesn't opt to be the group's manager, then I dare say he'd do well slapping a bass.

So, if you think you have the perfect Justice League band name, then feel free to share it with us in the comments below! The more puns, the better - keep that in mind.