Watchmen and Other R-Rated DC Animated Movies in the Works?

As the superhero genre continues to develop and evolve, there are new lanes opening up for it to expand into. The latest studio endeavor is offering more R-rated fare to adult viewers - a trend sparked by the successes of Fox's R-rated X-Men films, Logan and Deadpool.

Fans have been waiting to see how Marvel and DC will respond to the opportunity of developing more mature projects for their respective fanbases; Marvel has already sort of bridged that gap with its Netflix universe, but DC has been more conservative about crossing over the PG-13 line. However, a new report says that could soon change, as DC and Warner Bros. are supposedly planning to expand their line of R-rated animated features, including other than Watchmen.

Film Buff is making the claim that this R-rated DC movie expansion is happening, based on an online marketing survey a reader sent to the site. That survey had a description of Watchmen animated project, which is listed with an anticipated MPAA R rating.

Watchmen DC Animated Movie Rated-R

A Watchmen TV series was supposedly in the works a few years ago, with director Zack Snyder involved. That never seemed to pan out, so this would be an interesting alternative. As for the larger plan that DC/WB is reportedly working on: What other DC properties would you like to see turned into animated features? There were a lot of great DC animated shorts a few years back (Spectre, Jonah Hex) that could all be great adult-themed animated features. Meanwhile, Justice League Dark has already set a nice bar for DC Animation doing things with a restrictive rating, so hopefully the upward trend continues.

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