'Justice League' Crew Gives Update On Film's Post-Production

Justice League is slated to hit theaters next month, and fans are keeping a rather close eye on the film’s post-production. A brand-new trailer for the DC flick went live this past Sunday, and one of the film’s crew members has hinted Justice League is close to being finished.

Over on Instagram, colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld got DC die-hards worked up when he posted a photo from the film. The staffer, who has worked with Zack Snyder since 300, shared a beautiful image from Justice League’s new trailer of Lois Lane at the Kent’s farm.

Justice League,” Sonnenfeld wrote as a caption. “Almost done with this epic film…last trailer just came out a few days ago.”

Of course, there are still tweaks being made to the film behind-the-scenes despite its coloring. Joss Whedon is overseeing the film’s final edit in lieu of Snyder, and Warner Bros. will continue to test screen the film until it feels confident in the blockbuster. Still, it is good to see that progress on the ensemble film is moving along quite nicely.

If reviews have anything to say about Sonnenfeld’s work in Justice League, then the colorist did his job right. Fans have been enamored with the color palattes of the film so far; Social media has been quick to praise Justice League’s use of color, and its landscape shots have impressed even the biggest naysayers.

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Justice League opens in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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