'Shazam!' Reportedly Casting Marvel Family

DC Films will be bringing a unique hero to the big screen with Shazam, and it looks like he'll have some friends with him too.

That Hashtag Show recently uncovered some new character breakdowns for Shazam. The breakdowns are for four child characters, and while their names might not be consistent with DC Comics lore, their character descriptions seem to hint at the roles being the members of the Marvel family, who were first introduced in the 'Flashpoint' story arc.

The first casting is for "Daniel", which appears to be a casting alias for Eugene Choi, as the role is seeking an eleven-year-old Korean actor. Daniel is described as "a smart kid" who is "into video games and reading non-fiction."

The second is for "Carlos", who is most likely an alias for Pedro Pena. The character is described as a "Hispanic, overweight," and asthmatic fifteen-year-old, who is "very shy and sweet."

The third casting call is for "Suzy", which appears to be a moniker for Darla Dudley. The role is seeking an eight-to-ten year old African American actress to play a "sweet, bubbly girl with glasses and pigtails."

And the fourth role is for "Frank", a "sarcastic and funny" teenager who appears to be an alias for Freddy Freeman. Word of Freddy's role in the film was first teased earlier this month, after an audition tape for the role was uncovered.

The presence of the Marvel family in Shazam is certainly noteworthy, as it helps add another layer to Billy Batson's world. It's too early to tell if the kids will just remain childhood peers of Billy, or will fully transform into their superpowered counterparts in a later film.

With the film deep in pre-production, and a casting announcement for Billy Batson set to be announced soon, fans probably won't have to wait too long to see if the Marvel family is in the film.

Shazam does not have an official release date, but is expected to hit theaters in 2019.


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