Jason Momoa Says You Can Thank Zack Snyder For Aquaman

While Zack Snyder isn't in the director's chair for Justice League at the moment, his fingerprints are all over it, especially when it comes to Aquaman.

Aquaman actor Jason Momoa is bringing a brand new take on the character to the big screen but revealed that in many ways their version is a product of Zack Snyder's imagination. Snyder had to leave the project due to a family tragedy, after which Joss Whedon took over to finish the project.

With that in mind, Momoa puts the film and character into proper perspective.

"When something happens like that, I really couldn't give two s**** about the movie," Momoa told Total Film. "Zack is someone who kind of saved my life. This opportunity to be where I am is all because of him. So if you like Aquaman, you can pretty much thank Zack Snyder instantly, because none of it would've come true if it weren't for him.

Momoa was actually quite shocked when Snyder first approached him for the part of Arthur Curry, but Snyder already had a vision in mind.

"I was in shock because I know what Aquaman originally looked like," Momoa said. "[Snyder] really liked what I did with Game of Thrones, and he really wanted someone who's a bit of an outlaw. someone who's an outsider, you know, or half and half. He knew that I was from Hawaii and raised in Iowa."

The two continued to collaborate on the character's design, but it was Snyder who came up with the tattoos.

"Zack [director Zack Snyder] had the idea to put the tattoos everywhere and everyone wanted him to have a little bit of blonde in the hair," Momoa said. "I just wanted him to have the Van Gogh green-colored eyes, where you can kind of get lost in them. You're scared by it, but you're drawn in. We put the contacts in, and I was like, wow. It's kind of scary, but hopefully not too scary."

Their vision seems to have already resonated with fans, as Aquaman is responsible for many of the standout moments in the first few trailers, including the now classic "dig it" line seen at the end of the first footage released at Comic Con.

Fans can make up their minds when Justice League lands in theaters on November 17.

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