'Justice League': Wonder Woman Gets A New Motion Poster

With just a couple of weeks left before opening in theaters, Justice League continues its individual character promotions and even though she's sharing the spotlight with Cyborg, Wonder Woman is still getting her chance to shine.

Wonder Woman may be a little more present in the minds of fans with the recent Wonder Woman movie having smashed box office records, but she's still getting the motion poster treatment. The official Justice League Movie Twitter account shared the Amazon princess' transformation from Diana Prince to hero on Friday.

Like the other character motion posters before hers, Wonder Woman's logo flashes across Diana's (Gal Gadot) face to reveal the hero within. While motion posters for The Flash and Cyborg before hers have fell a little flat -- the effects for Cyborg's poster only scratched the surface of Victor Stone's transformation while The Flash poster was remarkably still for the speedster's highlight -- Wonder Woman's turn hits all the right notes. While Wonder Woman may be a might force, her Diana Prince alter ego is much more unassuming, something the poster perfectly highlights.

Of course, considering the threat the Earth faces when Steppenworlf and his Parademons arrive, fans will surely be seeing far more of Wonder Woman in full heroic form when Justice League hits theaters next month.

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Justice League opens in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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