Was That a 'Cougar Town' Reference on 'Legends of Tomorrow?!'

In tonight's '80s-themed episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrrow, titled "Phone Home," a trip to Ray Palmer's childhood home may have yielded a reference to Cougar Town, a sitcom that previously starred Legends castmember Nick Zano.

Cougar Town, which was executive producer Bill Lawrence's follow-up to his hit series Scrubs, centered on a group of middle-aged friends in Florida, one of whom began the series by deciding that she would cope with her divorce by dating younger men.

While that premise did not last long, and the high concept of the series changed pretty soon after, series lead Courteney Cox's first romantic entanglement on the series was with Josh, a beautiful but dim-witted 20-something played by Zano.

So when Zano came to Ray's house, impersonating an animal control officer, and upon seeing Ray's beautiful mother makes a joke asking her whether there is a cougar on the premises, it certainly felt like an intentional nod to Zano's old gig.

Cougar Town, which actually had an Avengers-themed episode once and frequently cited comic books and other nerd culture, also featured Ian Gomez, who plays Snapper Carr on Supergirl.

Two weeks ago, Legends of Tomorrow shattered the fourth wall with a Titanic joke by Titanic star Victor Garber, in an episode that also featured his Titanic co-star Billy Zane.

Cougar Town EP Kevin Biegel was also the showrunner on Enlisted, a FOX sitcom that featured Legends star Brandon Routh, before moving on to the upcoming New Warriors, a Marvel Comics series that blends superheroics and comics not unlike Legends itself.

"If we can take credit for the push, I guess we will," Routh told ComicBook.com when we asked him about the upcoming show. "I'm not as familiar with everything else that's coming out, but I know that we finally found our groove as far as where our show fits best and what we all do best. I enjoy it. I certainly enjoy the comedy side of this a lot. I'm game for it all the time really. Moments of drama and action, but more comedy for me is always the note."

DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, following new episodes of The Flash.

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