'The Flash': Could Cecile's Powers Be Tied to The Thinker?

On the latest episode of The Flash, Joe West and the rest of Team Flash was shocked to discover that Cecile had developed her own metahuman powers as a side effect of her pregnancy. While it took Joe a little bit to come around to the idea, soon enough everyone settled into the idea of Cecile reading minds temporarily.

But even as the good guys are adjusting to another set of superpowers on the team, they're also beginning to make some connections that certain events happening in Central City may be more than coincidence. Barry makes a new friend while behind bars at Iron Heights, Big Sir, and it turns out that the metahuman Team Flash is dealing with is the criminal, Sylbert Rundine, whose murder of an unarmed security guard led to Big Sir being in prison in the first place. When Rundine refuses to confess to the crime, Barry takes matters in his own hands and races Big Sir out of prison, an act that leads to him being caught by the warden, who had installed a special camera pointed right at Barry's cell, and now that he's confirmed Barry is the Flash, the warden drugs Barry and takes him away to be sold to none other than Amunet Black.

It's clearly all connected, especially when we see in the promo for next week's episode that the bus metahumans from earlier this season who ended up in jail are all being sold off to Amunet who, in case you forgot, sold The Mechanic a bus meta that The Thinker then took over the body of. Nothing, it's becoming clear, happened by chance this season which leads to the question: could Cecile's powers be tied to The Thinker.

While it's not entirely clear where Cecile's powers are coming from -- she isn't one of the bus metas and she wasn't in the right place to be hit by dark matter when Barry ran out of the Speed Force -- it's still possible that The Thinker could have a part in things. As we've seen in previous episodes, The Thinker and The Mechanic have been playing a very long game, one that started around the same time Barry got his metahuman powers. The Thinker was present at STAR Labs when the particle accelerator exploded -- in fact he was counting on it exploding -- in order to give himself superpowers. It worked with his mental faculties becoming superpowered, but the failure of his body leads him to seek out a plan to not just save himself, but further his ultimate plan for the intellectual state of the world.

While that end game still isn't quite clear, what is clear is that nothing that's happened to Team Flash this season has strayed from The Thinker's playbook. And if everything that Team Flash has experienced this season has been part of the villain's grand plan, it would be a huge oversight on his part for Cecile to develop a metahuman power that, in theory could be used to help stop him. One of the reasons Team Flash hasn't been able to save Barry is that The Thinker is always ten steps ahead. Having someone on the team who can read minds could be dangerous, at least unless Cecile's telepathy is also part of the plan.

Consider for a moment the Samuroid head earlier this season. The Thinker knew that the team would keep the item in the lab, and thus used it to spy on them. He also knew that they would eventually realize what was happening, so it wouldn't be too difficult to think that The Thinker would have a plan in place to have another way to spy on Team Flash. What better way than to ensure that one of their own can read minds? Cecile being a telepath also potentially sets up a situation where Barry's appeal could be compromised, particularly if Cecile uses her newfound ability to access information via the minds of suspects and others that leads to her violating the law in her role as Central City's district attorney.

If Cecile's telepathy is part of The Thinker's grand plan, it will be interesting to see how it fits into whatever it is he and The Mechanic are trying to accomplish. Hopefully, though, Team Flash will find a way to get Barry out of jail to help thwart the villain soon -- preferably before Amunet Black buys him.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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