'iZombie': The Fate of Ravi's Zombie Cure Revealed

One of iZombie's longest-running mysteries has finally been resolved, with tonight's episode, the first half of a two-parter, revealing what happened to Ravi's zombie cure.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for tonight's episode of iZombie, titled "Brainless in Seattle Part 1."

In Season Three, Ravi had a small number of doses of a cure for zombism, which he had synthesized from tainted Utopium. Because there was so little tainted Utopium left, the small package of cure injections Ravi had created were all that existed -- and when they went missing about halfway through the season, it seemed all was lost.

Fans have had several theories as to who ended up with the cure, from radical zombies who would not want to revert to management at Fillmore-Graves, but at the end of the day, most people pointed at the guy who you would expect to be behind something like this: Blaine DeBeers.

Tonight's episode showed that, in fact, that was a good instinct.

After being offered the opportunity to get out from under Fillmore-Graves's thumb by finding and turning over the coyote known as Renegade, Blaine tracked down a man who had been helped into Seattle by Renegade.

When the man (who became a zombie after being scratched by Renegade to cure his Parkinson's) refused to give up the information, Blaine pulled out the cure vials and used one to make the man human again, so that he could eat his brain and get visions.

Blaine, of course, was administered the first cure at the end of Season One and became one of the guinea pigs when Ravi was troubleshooting that cure -- which proved eventually to be fatal. He had taken the second cure only to reveal that it left him an amnesiac, but eventually when Major took the same cure with no such effects, it was revealed that Blaine was lying.


At this point, Blaine has not actually found Renegade, and so the question remains whether he will do so -- and even if he does, whether he will really turn her over to Fillmore-Graves, since he is currently on the brain of the man who refused to help kill Renegade in life.

iZombie airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, following episodes of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.